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Teamwork makes the dream work.


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When the best financiers, producers and artists come together, you get Eastern Europe’s most far reaching project development, production & postproduction hub.

We embark on any new project by piercing through to its core. Comprehending the specificity of each film and having all departments under the same roof allows us to have an overarching approach to it as to bring forward what gives it its uniqueness and distinct feel. We offer a complete range of services an idea needs in order to hit the big or small screens as envisioned.

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The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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But never forget, it takes two to tango.

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There's more to us than meets the tech-savvy eye. At the heart of what we do is a team of top-notch creatives, only the best by portfolio, comprised of sound mixers, sound designers, colorists, video editors, foley artists, project managers and coordinators as well as technicians with minimum ten years experience. They are the ones who take on projects wholeheartedly, who dedicate the time, patience, attention and walk the extra mile to turn 'okay' into 'stellar'. We strive for the perfect balance between audio and video. There's a thin line in being 'all eyes and ears', and what we do is delicately draw it as to ascertain no stimuli become overwhelming for those watching. We have a team of visual & sound magicians who blend perfectly image and sound within every film in an attempt to immerse viewers in the moods and feelings depicted on screen.
Each narrative is a universe in itself. We let the poetry of these universes absorb us in order to carefully unveil their character through our process. It's that precise second in which you're rendered speechless in front of a new world that is revealing itself to you. And we have all we need to dazzle our viewers: the technology, equipment, services, but most importantly, an extraordinary team of editors, sound designers, colorists, music composers, project managers and producers.

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