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Dreaming in dissolves, but thinking in cuts.

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When the best financiers, producers and artists come together, you get Eastern Europe’s most far reaching project development, production & postproduction hub.

We embark on any new project by piercing through to its core. Comprehending the specificity of each film and having all departments under the same roof allows us to have an overarching approach to it as to bring forward what gives it its uniqueness and distinct feel. We offer a complete range of services an idea needs in order to hit the big or small screens as envisioned.

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Colorists & Editors.
Artists through and through.

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The beginning
of a beautiful

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But never forget,
it takes two to tango.

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There's more to us than meets the tech-savvy eye. At the heart of what we do is a team of top-notch creatives, only the best by portfolio, comprised of sound mixers, sound designers, colorists, video editors, foley artists, project managers and coordinators as well as technicians with minimum ten years experience. They are the ones who take on projects wholeheartedly, who dedicate the time, patience, attention and walk the extra mile to turn 'okay' into 'stellar'. We strive for the perfect balance between audio and video. There's a thin line in being 'all eyes and ears', and what we do is delicately draw it as to ascertain no stimuli become overwhelming for those watching. We have a team of visual & sound magicians who blend perfectly image and sound within every film in an attempt to immerse viewers in the moods and feelings depicted on screen.
Each narrative is a universe in itself. We let the poetry of these universes absorb us in order to carefully unveil their character through our process. It's that precise second in which you're rendered speechless in front of a new world that is revealing itself to you. And we have all we need to dazzle our viewers: the technology, equipment, services, but most importantly, an extraordinary team of editors, sound designers, colorists, music composers, project managers and producers.

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Creative spaces.
For creative minds.

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It's not a place.
It's a destination.

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Blurring the line
between work and play
since 2016

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We have all the necessary facilities and technologies for complete picture & audio production and post production. Picture & Sound editorial, color grading, sound design, FX, ADR, Foley recording and re-recording mixing can all be done in the same place, our media cathedral.

We channel our inner mad scientists when it comes to sound. The delicate alchemy that is a film’s soundtrack is part exact science, part rogue science experiment. Our engineers are perfectly equipped for the task.

We have cutting edge technology that we employ to give each project its particular visual imprint and a team who mastered its use to give it the feel you are pursuing. Our editing bays turn into creative sanctuaries for our champion editors, who submerge in projects to ride their waves until completion.

We are currently a proud Netflix Approved Vendor and HBO Europe constant services provider, boasting HDR and Dolby Atmos capabilities using the latest technology by Filmlight, Barco, Sony and Avid. We use Avid Nexis, an ultra fast shared media storage solution that streamlines our post-production workflow and ensures low-latency access to data over FO networks, across all studios and bays, within an integrated avid shared storage environment. This way, we can work on the edit, sound and colour at the same time, while changes update in real time throughout all our departments. It’s a dream workflow, as smooth as possible.
Our special partnership with Solid State Logic makes us the only facility in the country using SSL Duality Delta 48 and SSL AWS948 super-analogue mixing consoles with full automation and seamless integration with Pro Tools, for complex mix and tracking sessions.

We are also sporting the largest selection of analogue & digital outboard in the country, including Rupert Neve Master Busses, Teletronix LA2A & 1176, Retro Instruments 176 & Sta-Level, Manley Massive Passive, API 550A & 550B - to name a few.

Our extensive microphone collection includes: Telefunken, Neumann, Manley, Royer, AKG microphones, including gold standards U47, Elam 251, U87, Ref-C working in perfect tandem with superb monitoring by Barefoot and Adam Audio, including the award winning Minimain12 monitors rendered by industry standard Pro Tools HDX & Symphony I/O for pristine ADDA and sonic quality in every mix or editing studio.

Last but not least, our wide variety of musical instruments, synthesizers, amplifiers and pedals, allows for total versatility and creativity, whether composing and recording music or doing sound design and FX.

We place our bleeding-edge equipment at your disposal, making it available for rental in any configuration you require to bring your project to the shore. Just drop us a line at with your inquiry.

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