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As a team of professionals based in the largest production hub in Eastern Europe, we offer a one-stop-shop solution for all film and video production needs. Our services encompass every phase of the film-making process, from Development to Post-Production. Uniquely, we are the only company in Romania that holds TPN certification and is a part of Netflix's Post Partner Program, positioning us as a trusted and reliable partner for top-notch production and post-production services.



DIT & Digital Dailies

The DIT makes the correct transition between set and post production. It is a crucial role, covering a wide range of responsibilities: data integrity and security, look management, synchronization between the settings of different camera types, quality checks and backups on storage media such as LTO tapes.

Workflow design & Supervision

You have a specific project of building a new production pipeline for your film, stereoscopic production, TV series or cinema releases? A complex project involving a mix of digital and film camera footage with VFX? Digital Cube can help you find the right equipment and people for your budget and projects, given their extensive expertise on the local and European film market. We can make sure communication between departments goes smoothly and nobody misses deadlines.

Sound Post & Music

A one stop shop for Sound Design, Foley, ADR, Dialogue editing, Restoration, Music Scoring & Recording in our custom built stages and Sound Mixing in the only Dolby Atmos re-recording stage in Romania.

Color Grading & Finishing

We offer the newest HDR and ACES workflows using latest Baselight and Barco technologies in our two grading theaters with 7m (23ft) wide projection screens. Staying ahead of the technological curve is only half the battle; the art and creativity of color grading need to be just as innovative. Claudiu Doagă, Digital Cube's 17 year experienced main colorist uses his digital tools as if he were a painter using brushes to craft images that inspire and entertain.

Editorial & Conform

Our editors work alongside a film’s editorial team throughout principal photography and post, ensuring that the filmmaker’s final cut is exactly as intended. Our secure, high-speed data pipeline also allows visual effects to be integrated into the film’s final cut from facilities all over the world.

Remote Grading

Our remote grading capability enables you to set the look
 of your grade in one studio and finish it in another; it’s like the colourist is in the same room with you. This means agencies, directors and directors of photography
 can work in real-time remote grading anywhere in the world, allowing our clients the choice and flexibility to handpick the artist and colourist they want, even while shooting on location in Eastern Europe and finishing another project in any other place in the world. We can use Baselight, Davinci Resolve and Assimilate Scratch.

Archival & Film Scanning

We continue to support the scanning and restoration of all film formats (2, 3 and 4 perf 35mm and 16mm) to capture and archive their pristine quality and digital transition up to 6K resolution on time-proven quality Northlight scanner. Our restoration services are dedicated to the art and science of image restoration and preservation. Driven by a team of the most experienced and creative local technical specialists in the industry, we offer a wide spectrum of innovative solutions to production companies and image archives worldwide.

Avid Rental

Premium on-site or remote editorial bay rentals featuring real-time consultations with workflow experts and a technical infrastructure conducive to collaboration.

Quality Control & Deliverables

With the advent of file-based delivery of programmes and commercials, it has also been mandated that all quality control is to be carried out by the production and post-production companies supplying the content. Our staff is fully trained to perform the correct quality control procedures, covering both the image look, making sure the best encoding tools on the market were used and the legal requirements such as audio loudness, eyeball and automated QC as well as photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) QC. We examine for eyeball QC and then we examine the associated automatic QC and PSE reports for that material.

Subtitling & Localisation

A 15 years experinced team is the guarantee that your show will be understood by everybody, offering blazing speeds and accuracy for both subtitling and translation services.

DCP Creation & Delivery

Digital Cinema Package creation is a mainstream delivery format for all feature film delivery and our studio meets the most high end requirements, using the best and most up to date software available.

We shoot lightning fast, without compromise

We work with the best talent available in the industry, and they love working with us

Go huge on the set while staying on budget, every time

If it looks great, it will be great

Did we mention the 35-40% tax rebate on production and post services that we can access on your behalf locally?