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Our facilities span over 3200 square meters in the northern part of Bucharest, conveniently located just 15 minutes away from both the international airport and the city center. It is organized into three wings: Wing A for Picture Post, Wing B for Sound Post & Production Offices, Wing C for VFX. We offer 2 Baselight color grading suites, over 7 Avid edit bays, 5 Dolby mix stages and the only Dolby Atmos mix stage in the country, that can be used for screening purposes also. In addition, we operate a green screen studio on the premises as well as a professional sound and music recording studio.

End to end production and post means we have everything on the premises

Modern meets vintage in our refreshingly spacious facilities

Pristine sound with Solid State Logic super analogue consoles

Our huge selection of modern and vintage instruments will make you tingle

Don't settle for good, aim for gorgeous when grading in Baselight

Sound is immense when mixing in our Dolby Atmos theatrical mix stage

Yep. That’s the insane level of detail we’ve put in our studios: everything but the kitchen sink. Everybody told us it's not possible to build this in Romania, but you know what? Romania never stopped us from doing anything. Except, you know, sometimes it does.